Trip Details- Days 3 & 4

Day 3: Woke up to a thunderstorm. A looong ride through Austin to the hotel. A big reunion w/lots of hugs. I met people I didn’t know existed. For dinner, we went to a FANTASTIC German restaurant with live music on Fridays. Apparently, it was the most fun this reunion had had in 30 years. Great food and family.

Day 4: Day 4: Up at 7:30 and headed down to breakfast. Went to a “lazy river” outdoors… with a few rapids. I lost my water bottle when I went through one of the shoots. I wiped out and my hat was completely soaked! My cousin lost her M & M’s and decided to float around to strangers and tell them her sob story. I was attacked by a bird. No sunburns!

Went swimming with a three-year-old and helped with the little guys. Got cleaned up and the whole troupe headed for a fancy Bar & Grill. It was beautiful! I had pan-seared talapia and basmati rice. Lots of family fun! The walk back to the car was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Peaceful. I played with the kiddos until I was tired.


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